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DVR 4 kamerų

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1 System Image


2 Image compression format


3 Input image

4-channel BNC, a network port

4  View Camera

The camera views AHD, ANALOG, IP

5 Video output 


6 Audio Input

4 audio channels

7 Audio Output

1 channel

8 The storage HDD

2 Hard 4 TB 2 * 4T

9 Quality display and record images

 The ability to record and display the two-megapixel camera with 1080P resolution HISILICON AHD-H

10 Number of Play Back

4 simultaneous channels

11 USB port

2 port

12  How the system

Show live images, recording, verify Pictures

Backup and network simultaneously and capable of displaying analog and IP cameras AHD is capable of simultaneously and individually.

13 Device language

 Persian, English, Italian, Spanish, German

, French, Portuguese, Japanese and ...

14 Image Dimensions 

1080P, 960P, 720P, 960H

15 Motion Detection

Motion Detection, with adjustable sensitivity setting

16 Network and its performance

There, with the ability to transfer images via port RJ45 10M / 100M

View live and recorded images via Internet Explorer
settings and instrument control via network

Transmitters on the Internet and mobile without the need for fixed IP

17 Mobile monitoring

There, with the support of operating systems:

Symbian, Windows mobile, iPhone, Android, Blackberry   

18 Remote control and mouse adapter

has it

19 Central Management System (CMS)

There, with the ability to display 64 channels simultaneously

And increasing Unlimited IP Addresses

20 Other Features

Persian menu - Move image on the Mobile Internet

It has HDMI output and VGA - RS485 protocol support for rotating camera PTZ FREE P2P - Motion Detection - Real Time